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Goldstar German Shepherds, established in 1998, and recognized by the Nevada Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Nevada Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, is a German Shepherd breeding and all breed dog training and boarding facility located in Pahrump, Nevada, a small town located about 55 miles west of Las Vegas.  We are active members of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the IPDTA (International Positive Dog Training Association).  We are staffed by licensed AKC (American Kennel Club) canine evaluators. We are affiliated with the United Service Animal Registry, which is a database of registered service animals.  This registry provides instant verification and validation of registration through the use of smartphone and tablet scanning capabilities.  Any dog registered through Goldstar is given automatic inclusion into this database.

One of our primary missions is to provide quality, certified German Shepherd service dogs to those in need of them at an affordable price.  Our service dog training is not limited to the German Shepherds bred here at Goldstar. We are able to train and certify dogs of other breeds. We also offer all breed temperament testing and evaluations, regardless of your location.  We do accept outside dogs for training in the service medium. Our German Shepherd service dog training includes, but is not limited to: escalator and elevator negotiation, balance assistance, crowd negotiation, picking up and retrieving dropped items, opening doors, carrying personal effects, and the ability to heel alongside electric mobility carts.

We carry a full line of service and therapy dog supplies as well as vitamins and supplements for your dog. Service dog/therapy dog vests, patches, ID tags, training and informational Cd's, custom made leather leads, personalized leads and collars, are available.  

April 3rd, 2011, we introduced a brand new line of service/working dog breed specific patches and patches which have your state of residence on them. The patches are circular, 3" in diameter and cost $8.00 each. They are small enough to be attached to the smallest vest or pet transport bag and are very attractive and guaranteed to add a little flair.

We sometimes have German Shepherd puppies available for sale as pets, and occasionally we have adults available.  Each puppy or adult bred and sold here is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our German Shepherds are bred for soundness of mind and body, and each Goldstar German Shepherd or Rottweiler puppy or adult is sold with a comprehensive written health guarantee, covering hip or elbow dysplasia, genetic blindness or deafness, or genetic heart or lung failure.  Each German Shepherd sold, whether puppy or adult, before leaving the premises is wormed and inoculated, and will be microchipped upon request.  Our German Shepherd pups are of a black & tan, black & red, or sable coloration, with an occasional solid black.

We have all breed in-kennel training programs dealing with all types of canine behavioral issues: jumping, chewing, nipping, excessive barking, etc., as well as specific programs dealing with the following areas of training: "Potty Training", "Basic Obedience", and "Advanced Basic Obedience".

We also feature a private training program.  You may bring your dog, and stay on-site at the training facility while you train.  

Goldstar Dog Training has built a reputation for reliability, competence, and accessibility.  In recent months we have been receiving many inquiries from individuals seeking to obtain reliable, competent information and access to breeds other than German Shepherd Dogs.  In order to facilitate a response to these requests, the Goldstar Dog Training site will soon unveil a breeders/trainers/vendors page.  This sponsored sites page will showcase advertisements and links to the sites and contact information of various breeders, trainers, and vendors throughout the country.  We are reaching out and communicating with breeders of various breeds and trainers in an attempt to gain advertisers. We are also seeking vendors and individuals who offer unique specialty dog related items as well.  If you are interested in placing in ad within our site and would like more information, please call us, click on the e-mail link in the heading above, or use the contact form located below.


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